Saturday, February 2, 2013

Welcome to the Jungle

Sometimes (mostly when I am running) I enjoy some different music, and yes that includes "Welcome to the Jungle". There is something about Axl's voice when I really need to pump things up.  Then there are those days when the sound of that voice sends direct pains into my brain and I cringe at the sound.  Why the [curse] am I talking about Axl Rose?  Well, yesterday marked my first full month in my new position at my job.  And take this as you want, but when I was walking down the school hall way against a crowd of about 100+ children and about to open an office door where I had just instilled a million changes amongst my staff that song popped into my mind.  And in that moment I also flashed back to when I worked in a bar/restaurant many moons ago and before opening the doors to open for the night, the owner would say "It's Showtime".  Just that one phrase would either make me smile or cringe depending on the day.  My next thought
" should I open the door and say either of these?" I opted for my safe zone and said "Good Morning"....

All of this has made me think about how much one song, phrase, or even word could change based upon someones own mood.  Here is another example,  I will say to my oldest son, " Where are you going?"  and most of the time he answers, yet there are times he will elude to the fact that he is 18 and can go where he wants to go!  [so, he doesn't exactly elude, he usually says "I am 18 and will go where I want"] That usually ends up with an argument and he is forced to answer. [anyway...]

Now think about how you may approach your family members, for myself, I know some days my family will approach me with a "can I have?" question, which is really code for "will you do/get/make" something for me?  Some days, it's welcomed, others I want to explode and point out how many things I have already done for this life sucking family!  [oops, I may have gone too far there] 

My point here, be kind.  Weather you are having a "Feeling Groovy" [Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel just have the kindest voices] kind of day or "The Beautiful People" [Marilyn Manson is definitely a scary dude] day, there is something to be said about kindness.

 "It's Show Time" regardless of your feelings for the day, just be kind, it is a jungle out there! 

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