Sunday, December 30, 2012


One more holiday season almost behind me.  What a mad rush, what an expensive mad rush.  What a crazy amount of time I spent cooking.  What a crazy amount of time I spent cleaning [and cleaning...and re-cleaning...and cleaning again!  My hands are cursing raw from the cleaning].  Yet, when all is said and done my children are happy, my blended family is happy, and it was a nice Christmas. Ok, [I have to do some complaining] in spite of having to move that creepy elf around every night, and then watch my son sadly say "good bye Jingle.  I will miss you" on Christmas Eve, and in spite of the millions of lies I had to tell him about that stinking elf.  And in spite of worrying that I didn't give enough, or I didn't buy enough for the kids, or that I didn't have enough time to wrap everything.  And in spite of not being able to work out/run at all, and in spite of not eating well at all.  And in spite of not following my dream to have everything done and being able to sit on the couch and watch Christmas movies.  It was a nice holiday season [hahaha...] And for the first year my Christmas tree is flourishing with minimal needles falling and I don't want to fling it out of the closest door already [thank you Bennies Tree Farm].

Now we forge ahead into 2013.  I LOVE changes.  The thrill of the unknown if very exciting.  Last year I made some plans for the 2012 year, not all happened but some did and for all that I accomplished I am grateful, and for all that I did not [curse it!] I will just try again this year.   Which brings me to my point of New Year Resolutions.  Do people still make resolutions?  I actually don't hear about it often anymore.  Or do people just keep it to themselves?

Following my tradition [ok, there is also something to be said for tradition and certainty] I resolve the following:  1. go to the doctor on a regular basis for check ups. 2. ask the doctor for help to quit my bad habits. 3. run another 1/2 marathon. 4. WRITE a book [this doesn't mean just a chapter. I promise you self, you can control your lack of attention]. 5. SAVE MONEY.  6. Well I don't think I will add a 6, maybe I will just stick with 5...that will keep it possible to complete. 

For those of you who don't make a resolution maybe you should.  It's not a bad idea to contemplate some things you would like to change and then try to change them.  I mean didn't Michael Jackson even have a song about changes??? Something about starting with the man in the mirror [that one is for you Kelly].  However, if you try and don't succeed it's not the end of the world.  I look at it like dieting.  If you have a bad day and finish off the bag of chips or eat just three more cookies, or eat just one more piece of pizza [ok, that's me I am talking about] then you just start over the next hour/day/ minute.  See how wonderful changes can be! 

Now that I have motivated you to change some bad habits or complete a desired goal [or at least put the idea in your mind] think about the feeling of accomplishment.  Then think about the reasons for not accomplishing it.  It works doesn't it?  The good out weighs the bad! 

So, Happy New Year!  Relish the possibilities of changes, and be excited to begin a new journey. 

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