Friday, November 30, 2012

Taking Time!

I am hairy! There I admit it!  While I was removing all the wild hairs on my body either by way of tweezer or razor for oh--- about 30 minutes or longer  it made me think of my friends.  [sorry girls I will explain]  I have very dark hair and the hair on my body is equally as dark, therefore, I have to shave and tweeze daily.  I don't feel I am alone in this endeavor because I have heard stories of other women who carry tweezers in their cars and pluck and pull out hairs all day.  Once I even had the pleasure of watching someone pluck hairs with a tweezer by a pool [ what the curse is that about you ask? Well, don't ask realize strange things happen to me all the time.  Enough said! ]  Anyway, I was cursing the [curse] out of my hairs [In the privacy of my home not in public...]  when I remembered something about my past.

When I was in about 8th or 9th grade I decided I would be a "hippie", I stopped shaving, stopped eating meat, pierced my nose [and for the record that was WAY before every girl had a diamond stud on the side of her nose! The principal of my school called my mother to have me sent home because it was "causing a distraction". Yeah, I was a rebel!]  I only listened to Freedom Rock, Hendrix, The Who, Led Zeppelin and The Grateful Dead and most importantly I told everyone I was a "hippie" therefore I was! 

Meanwhile, my best friends rode the wave.  They didn't follow [thank GOD] but they stood behind my strange ways.  They tolerated my music and my hair -- well...the locker room was a bit tough and they did complain a bit about the hair but none the less they still stood by me.

Years passed and thankfully I outgrew my "hippie" ways.  I welcomed back the 90's [ "Hello Salt n'Peppa!"]  And good news! I welcomed back my razor, granted they didn't have the awesome 6 blade babies I use today but nonetheless my Daisy freed me from looking like a version of cousin IT from the Adam's Family.  Moving forward I went through many, many more changes.  And guess what?  My friends were still there.

The other day a certain situation came up involving someone from my past.  Once again my friend was there!  Before she made a decision she asked me first.  Once again proving how important our friendship is. I can't really go into a lot of detail here I can only say that one text message made me realize again my friends are always there!  [thank you Clancy] 

Once again all of this makes me realize how the ordinary things in life could strike a memory within making us aware of something so important.  During your busy days take some time to appreciate your ordinary things in life.  They just might mean something.  And take a minute to give a compliment and/or say "thank you!" Even if it's to yourself.  It feels good.   

Today I am grateful for those wild hairs because they reminded me of my friends and how many things we have all been through together.  I am grateful to have a circle of girls for the last 20 to 30 years that know me better than I know myself sometimes!  [Raise a glass...]  Thank you all...for understanding my hair, for putting up with my ever changing world and for being the best friends anyone could have. 

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