Thursday, December 8, 2011

Just Do It!!

Christmas parties, holiday joy, family, friends etc...It's that time of year. The time of year that should bring out the best in us. The time of year when we feel the spirit of the christian world coming together to celebrate a great day. Well, maybe...I am trying [really I am] to concentrate on the joy of it all. It is just so difficult with the demands that have been placed on us by society [especially for families with children].

So, my 7 year old's Christmas list has changed probably 20 times and he has included on it an ipod touch, a Nook, PSP, X-Box with Kinect and about 20 different games and various other toys. Then there is my 17 year old, a new laptop, and other very expensive gifts. I CAN'T afford to be the mom who gets it all. My children will return to school after break to find friends who actually do get it all. [curse those families]

Where do we draw the line? There has to be a line. [right? there should be a line if there isn't one!] So, once again here comes the Santa lies, here comes the pick and choose game, here comes the financial struggle, and there goes the spirit.

I will somehow afford to purchase some of the items. And will just explain that life isn't about getting everything we want. [not an easy concept for a 7 year old] I just wish I didn't have the pressure of it all.

My next thoughts are with the children whose families can't afford to make that one big purchase. And the children who return to school after break to hear of their friends who did get it all from Santa. Last year after Christmas I worked with a child who actually asked me why Santa didn't bring everything on the list. HOW THE [curse] do you explain that? This child got one toy. Not a big toy. A simple one toy. And guess what, the child was happy with that toy, until school.

 I can't let the holidays slip away without putting my thoughts out here. PLEASE DONATE!!! PLEASE!

 I can go on and on with very sad stories, but I won't. I am just going to simply ask that you look for a local organization and donate. And, both of my children will be donating as well. Maybe explaining the idea of not always getting what we want, will be a bit easier. [again the Santa idea pops into my mind and how to explain that to my son who still believes] Curse that jolly old man![ I have to think about this one some more].


  1. Perfect post! I just read my daughter's Christmas list last night and it included some of the same expensive things! A computer, a puppy, an ipad, ipod touch.. craziness! I think I will end up doing my parents only did and go for one "bigger" item and a bunch of little things.

  2. Great post, Christmas is a time for giving, theres no better feeling in the world xx

  3. Thank you for commenting. I appreciate the feedback! Happy Holidays!