Saturday, December 17, 2011

Who is that?

When I use to work as a server for a local restaurant a co-worker and I would often joke about our "multiple personalities". We even had names for them, mine was Katrina. The reason for this, well, for anyone who has never worked as a waitress or bartender I hate to break the news but those perky servers who seem all too happy to give you your soda without ice, salad with extra croutons and no onions or carrots, everything on the side of your plate, water with extra lemon every two minutes, aren't so happy to oblige. Actually, sometimes we were, but for the most part not really. So at the table it was "Oh, sure - what ever you want - that's no problem - of course we can do that" and  as soon as we walked in the kitchen it was a different story that went more like this " Oh, sure of course that's not a problem I am so busy I can't breath but I will take the time to pick your [curse]carrots out of the salad mix - of course I can [curse] do that unless you would like to do it since you are just sitting there and I am running my [curse] off ". And so the multiples were born. Maybe we used them as coping mechanisms to make it through the night and maybe they were just fun and funny to talk about it.

Recently a friend of mine asked me some questions about my blog. Which reminded me of my old friend Katrina. I have a crazy morbid sense of humor at times. In fact one of my favorite things in the world to do is laugh. And I especially like to laugh at myself, I do some crazy and stupid things from time to time. In this blog I have tried to spread some of the knowledge I have learned while working in my current field and my life experiences and as a mom. So while I like to laugh, I like to have fun and I especially like to look at the little mistakes in life and even some of the big ones as funny and a lesson learned, I also have a heart. I sort of like to think of it like this, constipation and hemorrhoids. Both I have heard are painful. Yet when people talk about either of them they somehow work in a joke or two, and it's funny. So, while not everyone may get my sense of humor, I think most people can relate to my sense of compliance to help others.

 I am compelled at this point in my life to make a difference. I actually want to help change how others view things. So I am not Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, my multiple Katrina is long gone and for now I am honestly just writing things that I think are important enough in life to mention and get the attention of anyone who will listen. I don't expect to change the world  but maybe my words will help a few people, and maybe they will change the world somehow.

Life is so difficult at times, it can be tragic and sad, it can make some of us want to give in and give up. There is one thing that we all have inside and it's free. A sense of humor. Why not use it? There is a television show where people send in home videos of people falling youngest son laughs the entire time it is on. The show has been on for years, people think it's funny when others fall. Laugh, but while you are laughing, reach out to help them up.

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