Monday, December 9, 2013

A million great nights

Recently someone asked me what the best night of my life was.  I couldn't answer.  I still can't answer.  It has been days since I was asked this question and it's been on my mind since.  I'm 30 something years old [I just don't want to write the whole number at this moment!] and I can't think of my best NIGHT ever!??? Leading me to think, [I know everything leads me to think] have I had my best night ever?  I have been married [ok a few times], and I have been divorced [ok a few times]  given birth, had some great relationships, partied like a rock star [ok sometimes I still do], lived away from my family, overcome numerous obstacles, purchased homes [ok a few times] [curse I am starting to see a pattern here...] point is what the curse is my best night ever? What is wrong with me that I can't name it?

Here comes the list that has been running through my mind:

As a mom I am suppose to say the best days of my life were the days I had each one of my children.  NOTHING and I mean NOTHING in this world could compare to feeling of your newly born child in your arms.  But [always a but...] the day you give birth really isn't so great.  It HURTS!  You have strangers looking at you, you are [hopefully] given something to "help with pain", your body is in another world, your mind is in a place I can't describe.  Once the little one has arrived it is AMAZING! But, it also really's uncomfortable...I wanted to be home and my life had just changed in ways I couldn't have even imagined. And did I say that it HURTS!!! As a mom it's easy to answer that the best day/night of my life was when each one of my children were born.

As a mom I can also name numerous events which qualify as "best days", for example, my sons graduation from high school,  the first Christmas the kids can recognize presents and the joy of Santa, the first time my youngest son saw the Castle in Disney and he cried. Their first steps.  The first time you hear them say "I love you" or "momma".  Having a teenager, and now a young adult, it's so rewarding to see my son looking after his younger brother and growing independent. There are a million things I can think of that made my day "the best" with both of my kids.

As an adult I can name various triumphs in my life, my first 1/2 marathon, getting my master's degree, being offered jobs that I really wanted, overcoming some sort of obstacle and feeling as if I conquered the world.

 In relationships there are always great nights... first phone calls, first dates, that first date that really makes that person "click" in your mind,  the first time you hear the words "I love you" from a person you love also, first kisses [if they aren't awkward], the first time you hold hands.  Then as a relationship progresses there are those moments of comfort, and the first time you feel comfortable is also a great feeling.

As a friend I can name a million GREAT nights.  I actually had some recently with my favorite girls. 

I suppose I can't name one specific night because I have been blessed.  I have a million great nights.  As far as the best one, my answer is a question.  This week?  [ again with my optimism...sorry don't curse me]. Sometimes I am not optimistic, just ask my coworkers or my friends.  But I try....

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