Thursday, November 28, 2013


 Since my last post many things have changed in my life.  Once again I have found myself as the sole provider for my children, the queen of the castle "you can call me queen bee" [ that is a quote from Royals, yes I quoted Lorde. I love the song].  I have to admit this is not only the scariest thing in my life but also the most rewarding.  And for some reason it seems as if this is the path for me.  And so, I accept it. 

I find it amazing how one moment life is moving along, even boring at times, and the next.... one thing,  one event can change it.  It's probably the most exciting and terrifying idea ever.  Here is what I have discovered.  Fear should NEVER hold you back from anything no matter what the outcome is if you are smart you will learn from moving through it.  Everything truly happens for a reason.  Sometimes the worst things in life turn out to be the best! And optimism truly can help you get through anything. 

I haven't really had an opportunity to thank my family or friends for helping me through a really rough patch, because I normally spend most of my days on "one speed...GO" [that is a quote from Charlie Sheen. Yes, I did quote him].  So, here it goes...Mom, thank you for your love and support.  Your strength and your lessons in life, your attitude about being a woman and a strong woman at that.  Thank you for always being there even in a moments notice.  Thank you for being everything a mom should be.  Thank you to my friends, for listening, for making me laugh, for being there no matter when or what I need.  Thank you Shannon and Kelly for helping me through one of the worst days of my life and for making me laugh during that time.  Sandy and Mark thank you for spending an entire weekend listening to me cry, complain, worry and pace your house for hours.  Mark is a great guy for dealing with it and an awesome brother in law.  And Cody, my Prince.  Thank you for gathering your friends and moving once again.  You are growing into an amazing young man and I know you will always have a heart even with your stone cold expressions. 

Since Thanksgiving last year I have gained a greater sense of the value of my family and the support they will always provide to me, I have gained a greater sense of the power of friendship and how amazing the girls in my life are. I saw that through all of the chaos and schedules and busy life events in my life I have managed to teach my sons the value of caring, support and respect.

I am also very grateful for the new people who have entered my life.  I have made some great friendships this year and I have also met some people with wisdom and experiences that I haven't had and so I am learning from them.  I am thrilled to experience new things and I am grateful that I get to do this.  

So, no matter what life presents, no matter what path I find myself on I am grateful.  Live, learn and most of all be happy.  We only get one round and I choose to make the best of it.  I was going to quote Miley here, but I won't.  Maybe quoting Charlie and Miley in the same posting is too much??  I will twerk my way into the kitchen to prepare my Turkey instead.  Happy Thanksgiving. 

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