Thursday, February 9, 2012

Out with the Old!

Yeah for me! Yesterday I received a beautiful new Dooney for Valentines Day.  I LOVE IT! He did a wonderful job picking it out.  I love purses and my favorite brand is Dooney and Bourke.  They hold up over wear and tear like nothing else and they really last forever. The styles change but they are classic and really don't look outdated. [to me anyway]

With a new purse or a change in purse comes the worst part of receiving a beautiful gift like this.  [no it's not the expected big THANK YOU...Girls you know what I mean.  And it's not the dreaded overly excited "WOW --I COULDN'T LIVE WITHOUT THIS GIFT" thank you. OR the Fake "THANK YOU I LOVE IT" because I really do love it and I am thankful! And Surprised].  It is cleaning out the old purse and switching the items.

I am horrible at organizing my things.  Maybe because I have to organize so much for work, maybe because I have self-diagnosed ADHD and I can't stand the tediousness of sitting and viewing the items and I end up throwing away everything [even makeup sometimes just to save myself the loathsome task of going through it].  FITTOBETIED is an understatement when I am going through my things and trying to organize.  So, to put a healthy and happy outlook on this process I began to think about the positives. 

Positives of being organized in my purse:  Here it is --no more shuffling around.  No more digging.  No more dirty tissues.  No more gum wrappers.  No more gum wrappers filled with chewed gum from my 8 year old.  Gone are 6 ink pens, 3 that did not work, down to 1 that does work.  No more loose change.  Gone is the empty motrine bottle that I have had for about 3 years and has followed me around in each purse since.  Gone is the overstuffed wallet that had way too many business cards and expired health insurance cards and receipts.  Gone is the empty check book that I had for months.  Gone is the overstuffed makeup bag filled with old shades of lip gloss that I would never be caught dead wearing [hopefully they wouldn't put an out dated shade on me when I couldn't stop them from doing so, I hope my BFF and fashion guru Shannon would prevent that if I died].  And GONE is the CLUTTER!!! Oh WHAT A FEELING!!! FREEDOM! FREE AT LAST!

Cleaning out the junk, moving forward with a clean slate.  What a great concept, isn't it?  What if it were that easy with everything?  I mean how great would it be to write down or say some of the junk in our minds and get rid of it.  Guess what [this is a little secret] it is.  It is that easy.  I have done this myself and it works.  The hard part is finding the motivation to do it, and shifting through the right junk to throw away. 

I guess my point here is that I have looked in my previous purse a thousand times and thought about how I need to clean it.  I have even set time aside to do it and didn't.  It wasn't until this new beauty came along that I didn't even take a minute to think about switching and cleaning.  MOTIVATION...Find what motivates you and use it.  Use it to clean out your junk, take those first few minutes to exercise, clean your house, give your dog a bath [sorry I was making a to do list. oops. back to general terms...] I guess you see my point [I hope you do anyway].  We all have it in us we just need to figure it out and how to use it. 

So off I go into the world today, free of clutter, new purse in hand [proud as a peacock too]. And what a should try it!


  1. thats an amazingly cute bag, looks sophisticated too.

  2. Thanks. I love it. I have an older version and I had it for about 5 years. They wear so well, esp. as a mom I have tons of stuff in my purse and they really are awesome.