Monday, November 21, 2011

A Hairy Situation.

My best friends and I recently went to dinner for my friend's birthday [Happy Birthday Shannon]. It was a great night as always. We ate, we drank, we ate, we laughed, we drank, we laughed, we laughed [you get the point here]. If there is one thing I can count on that does not change in this world EVER is that when my girls and I are together we laugh. We always have fun together [ALWAYS have and ALWAYS will].

We were merrily enjoying our time together and our dinner, when there IT was. IT can mean a few things here- either the thing of the night that makes memories- the thing of the night that left us all laughing for the entire night - the thing of the night that left us with a personal joke for a long time to come [maybe forever] - the thing of the night that left us feeling like who better to share this moment with than each other. IT in this case is a hair. One long blonde hair [thank GOD I have Brown/Black hair]. One hair that was pulled out from my poor, poor friends mouth just after she took a bite of her food and had just exclaimed how wonderful and delicious her meal was. Just after we all exclaimed and bragged about our meals. Just after we all shared bites of our meals with each other, including hers. IT, was not only the thing that made me laugh until my stomach hurt but the thing that made another one of us ill [sorry Stacy but you did look sick over it]. Thank god my friend took IT with a grain of salt as she often does with most things in life [I love that about you Rachelle].

IT was her bee. Her bee in her drink. She did not fuss over it. She simply whipped it on the floor. [As Lori interpreted IT "she flung it like it had a dead weight on the end of it"]. She didn't even want tell our waiter. We all laughed wildly at this one hair, we laughed so much the waiter looked at us like we had 10 boobs each [admiring yet confused]. One of us did tell him [Thanks Dionna, at least he knew he weren't an anomaly and the Babe got a free drink].

IT could have been handled in several unpleasant ways. But IT was not. A joke, a good memory and esp. a great laugh. My point here... [I am getting to it] we all have learned specific ways to handle different events in life. Her way seems to work and I like that. I admire that. I on the other hand do not always deal with every event this way. So IT has taught me a lesson, laugh at what can be laughed at. Enjoy the humor in it. Worry? What a useless emotion. IT will remind me of that when I worry about getting everything done. IT will remind me to take a moment and re-examine the whole picture. IT will remind me to look at the positive. [sometimes, But I am going to make this a real effort].

I am sorry she experienced this, however, I am glad I was with her. [wishing I had a glass of wine to raise here] Here is to good friends, good memories, good laughs, and looking at our own IT's in a different way. Life is so funny, isn't it?

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