Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

So, it has been a while since my last post.  Let me catch you up to date with my life.  First, I am now officially an LSW.  A licensed social worker in the state of Pennsylvania!  Second, I completed my 1/2 marathon.  Also, my family had a wonderful trip to Disney and my son received First Holy Communion.  Now, I am preparing my oldest son's graduation and party (yeah he made it)...  So with all that going on I haven't had much time to write.  However, here I am again!  First line of business is Mother's Day. 

I woke up this morning before everyone else, I pre-set my coffee maker last night so it was ready for me.  Standing in front of the coffee maker was a card [I will come back to this].  I sat and read my local paper [I cried about 4 times within this half hour time frame over articles within the paper] and then for some reason one of my best friends popped into my mind.  [ HOLY Sh-- I am the most horrible friend in the entire world! I freaking forgot about her daughter's birthday party!  I didn't even respond to it!  WHAT KIND OF FRIEND AM I?????]  I would have called her at that moment but it was 7:00AM.  So I am writing it here.  " Kelly, I am so sorry.  You are always there when it counts the most and I didn't even have the mind to call you about your child's birthday!  I am so sorry!!!!" Leading me to think about all of my friends.  I know I have written about them all before, but on mother's day I think I need to acknowledge them again.  See when you grow up with each other as we all have done each one of us has been a mom to each other at one point in our lives and I am grateful and thankful for each of them!  Happy Mother's Day to you all!!!
Yesterday my fiance asked me about 20 times what I wanted to do in honor of my special day.  Each response I gave was "it's not a big deal, it's not a big day. It's an ordinary Sunday so we don't need to do anything!"  My plan for today was to catch up on the fun things in life -- start off with a run, do some laundry, maybe some yard work and maybe watching some of my recorded t.v. shows visiting with my mom, dinner with my boys at home and even doing my nails (a simple day).  I don't need dinner in a crowded restaurant, I don't expensive gifts, I don't need anything big!  While sometimes his planning drives me crazy [sorry it does!] it also shows me how much he cares!  And actually his asking is gift enough.  Knowing he cares enough to drive us both crazy is the gift.

 I got something big anyway!  That card in front of the coffee maker [the very first place I go in the morning.  Something only someone who has lived and spent a lot of time with me would know] was from my oldest son.  The boy who is always short on words [unless he is asking for or to do something] the boy who I have to pull words out of, the boy who in just a little over a  month will be legally a man, the boy who I have anguished over and prayed a million prayers for and worried about like you wouldn't believe [I guess you get the point here, he was a difficult teenager!] Left this card for me [on his own]. The card was perfect and simple and he even wrote in it.  And I won't reveal what he wrote but I will just say in his own words he proved to me that I have done my job! [ HOLY S--t he does love me, and he does get it! I am a good mom!!!]  I got my BIG DAY!!! 

Also, my youngest son ran out of school on Friday with a framed gift for me. It was a poem his teacher had him frame.  It was a poem that of course made me cry but what was even better than the poem was the piece of ripped paper that was attached to the outside of it with tape that was dirty and crinkled, reading " p.s. I LOVE YOU".  Again, a sign that my son had to add a little something on his own.  And that was all I needed for mother's day.  Two "I love yous"!!! As a mom of boy's I have to admit that I have found myself worried that they will grow up, get married, and move on to their significant others and only visit in passing.  And that may be the case, however, at least I will have memories of days like this where I know that they love me and I did my best for both of them. 

This morning one of the articles that made me cry was written by Maria Heck and she quoted a song from Kenny Chesney.  I don't listen to country music but it seems like this song referenced not blinking because if you do your children are grown and gone.  Well, it does seem as though that happens.  I know I would be richer [monetary], I know I would have had an easier life, I know I would have all the time in the world to enjoy things just for myself, but for me as a mom none of that stuff would matter as much without my boys! 

And last but certainly not least, my mom...We went to Disney together and it has been the longest time I spent with her non-stop in a very very long time.  My mom was an unconventional parent [sorry mom you were] but she also taught me very important life lessons.  Most importantly the thing I love the most about my mom is how we laugh together.  Thanks to my mom for a wonderful vacation and helping to make memories with my son's!!! And as always thanks to my mom for some wonderful laughs!!!

So today, take some time to laugh, to remember those important people in your life, to say thanks, to allow yourself to receive praise and thanks and to make some great memories...And while it all goes by so quickly it leaves behind the best times of our lives!  Happy Mother's Day!!!

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