Thursday, October 27, 2011

I missed it.

What a nice weekend I had! It was a kid free weekend and my fiance and I took advantage of our time together. We had a great weekend! We shopped, we ate, we watched reality television shows [ok, I LOVE Kim Kardashian, I can't help it!!] we napped, we hung out with our friends at a benefit for our town library. However, of course there were a few moments through this weekend that I did feel Fit To Be Tied...

Where to begin. Well first, I made it to this really cool warehouse sale for UBU clothes. Got amazing deals. And can't wait until this weekend because I just got an email notification that they are having another sale this weekend. So, after rummaging through about 100 or more jackets, I found 2 in a size that fit almost perfectly. That was my first moment of "come on" when I realized that the only size they had in the entire sale was too big. But that won't stop me from going back, [I love the hunt of a good bargain].

Second, we ate at a nice restaurant that I had not been too yet. The food was good, however, we waited a crazy long time to eat. While eating we had some wine, so that made things a bit easier to deal with. Yet, while waiting I noticed a fruit fly swarming around me. I hit it away. It came back. I hit it away. It came back. Third swat, and a swig of wine. Just then, I felt something by my nose. I put my wine glass back on the table, looked down, and there it was. O' yes, the fruit fly had flown directly into my wine glass [curse, curse, cure, REALLY AGAIN!] So, it wasn't a bee this time. It was a fruit fly.

Third, my youngest son lost his last football game of the season. I am truthfully one of those parents [of a child at the age 7] who advocates for not keeping score, for promoting having fun, for promoting learning the game free from pressure to win, and walking away from each game with the feeling of doing something as a team. HOWEVER, they do keep score. They do promote wins [by awarding trophies, play off games, Superbowl etc... yes even at age 7]. So week after week of practice and games, these poor kids did not win even one time. I felt so bad for them all. Of course I did not lead on that I felt this way, but I walked away [he was with his father this week end] feeling horrible. Horrible that I couldn't be with him, horrible that he was sad and I couldn't help, horrible that they even kept score, horrible that he felt defeated, horrible that he looked so sad, horrible that his father sent him in long underware (blue) instead of the cool matching Under Armour that I had purchased and sent for him to wear [maybe that one was a bit wrong to feel horrible over, but I did]. So later I made a call to him to see how he was. And guess what? He was fine. He didn't feel horrible at all. He felt proud that he made it through his first season, he felt "a little sad" that he would not play with his friends after practice three nights a week anymore, but he felt good because he can watch t.v. longer every night and not rush with his homework. These were his words. He felt good. Lesson to myself here...once again a child has taught me something, simplicity. If that fruit fly flew into his chocolate milk, I bet he would have laughed. I bet he would think it was funny that they fly into his drinks all the time. Simplicity.... It is truly something I need to learn more about.

I missed the point. I missed that whole point here. He did not. I often find myself doing things like that anymore. I am not sure if it is because my mind is so filled with schedules, planning, rushing. But whatever it was, I need to not miss it again. I over thought things. I missed the simple message. He accomplished something. He had fun. He likes football. So, that is enough for him. And me too. [ now that he pointed out the simple message here]. I learn from children every day. I am so lucky that they don't miss these simple messages. I am so lucky to learn from them., what a concept.


  1. kids can be the best teachers for us~ so true!

  2. I learn something new everyday from a child. Today I was taught two things: 1. Snakes that are poisonous have slanted pupils. and 2. Some times all it takes is a few crayons and a blank sheet of paper to build trust. Amazing! And LenoreNeverM♡re thank's for your comment!!!